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  "Does  your  business  know  the  risks?"   

 "Are you covered?"

If you are unsure, then let us identify risks that you and your staff might face.  

At JRT Consultants, we specialise keeping your business, school or event fully up-to-date with the latest health and safety requirements.  Systems must in place at all times,  protecting your staff and clients.  You can never take chances. It is required, that all businesses, small, medium and large, schools, and events must provide full method statements, risk assessments and have procedures in place to manage the risks that are identified. 

If you have  identified risks, we can help with the issues raised.  JRT Consultants can also help you by devising safety training procedures, and safety plans for you and your staff.  We will also advise you on how to remove or minimise the hazards in the best possible fashion.

The services we offer our clients can be far more than simple H&S checks.

We also provide liaison with local authorities.  Production of safety manuals, method statements, full and comprehensive risk assessments, and, when required, practical management of your systems, either in the workplace or at outdoor events, prior to and on the days they take place.

Our business reputation for quality and service, covering all businesses, from leisure centres to offices. Our Event Safety Management division already provides specialist services for many large events like the Southport Flower Show, Southport Funfest, Woodvale Rally, through to small local events.

JRT Consultants, Health & Safety for commerce, manufacturing and construction. Outdoor event, management and safety specialists.

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